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This function permits to operate with intermittent pulses at max speed.


This button permits to turn ON/OFF the product and to return to the main screen during the execution of a program.


It allows to set the cooking time. This function is perfect for long cooking preparations, as it helps not to overcook the ingredients and to avoid risk of burn.


Speed regulation is ideal to mix the food inside the jar. It indicates the blade speed necessary to mix, mince emulsify, etc.


It allows you to set the correct temperature for any recipe steps.


In automatic programs it is possible to select "half jar" or "Full jar". Depending on the selected option, you can prepare from 4 up to 7 portions.


This button permits to momentarily start and pause a program, keeping the selected settings.


This button permits to choose the recipe you prefer opting for a completely automatic program, with no settings. You only have to add all the ingredients into the jar and su chef sets all the parameters to ensure a perfect result. 

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